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Our Superior Foundation Females

The 160A Story...  
At Anderson Limousin, we believe in building a herd with superior, foundation females.  As you'll see below, many of our best females
trace back to one brood matron:  RGMA 160A.  A 50% female that started it all.  160A's most notable daughter, GMAL Sydney, produced RGMA Kahlua
and RGMA Silhouette (granddam of RGMA Yukon). RGMA Kahlua's legacy includes direct daughters, Phoebe and Sephora, who wrote their own chapters in the show ring.
Phoebe is our foundation donor, producing outstanding progeny no matter how she's mated.

RGMA Phoebe - 2005 Res. Grand NAILE Jr. Show & Proven Donor RGMA Exquisite - 2011 Grand Female Open Show RGMA Gianna - Numerous 2010 Champion & Donor
Sire: Blaque Rulon     Dam: RGMA Kahlua 0760K (Wulfs German X Sydney) Sire: Wulfs Up For Grabs    Dam: RGMA Stella Sire:  Black Dakota   Dam:  RGMA Riley (RGMA Night Rider)
GMAL Sydney - Proven Focus Dam & Foundation Cow Family RGMA Lexi - 2011 Res Grand Female Heartland Regional RGMA Sephora - 2011 Grand Female Open Show
Sire: SLVL Stout     Dam: RGMA 160A (CLLL Shenandoah) Sire: EXLR Total Impact     Dam: RGMA 0160K (Wulfs German X 160A) Sire: L7 Powershift    Dam: RGMA Kahlua (Wulfs German X Sydney)